14 January 2016 at 10:00 a.m.

eQ raised over 77 million euros for the real estate funds managed by the company during the last quarter of 2015. The new equity capital raised in 2015 exceeded 200 million euros and the investment capacity of real estate funds is currently close to 800 million euros. eQ Asset Management manages two real estate funds, eQ Finnish Real Estate and eQ Care.

eQ real estate investment team is strengthened with the growth of property investment business. Kimmo Alaharju, M.Sc. (Tech.), joins the team as Real Estate Director in January 2016. Alaharju has a wide experience in real estate and construction from over two decades in these industries in various roles. Alaharju joins eQ from Nokia Plc.

‘’2015 was a year of strong growth for the real estate funds of eQ and the growth continued  in the same fashion during the final quarter. Our funds acquired properties worth over 300 million euros during 2015. Our latest acquisitions were the Vihola commercial centre in Nokia and K-citymarket in Salo for eQ Finnish Real Estate and various properties worth approximately 50 million euros for eQ Care. The investor demand for our funds has been very strong. We are in a great market position to start the New Year’’, says Tero Estovirta, Head of Real Estate Investments at eQ Asset Management.

eQ real estate funds are open for new investors quarterly and semi-annually for redemptions. The funds aim for a 6% annual distribution and 7-10% total annual return. In 2015 eQ Care returned 8.2% and Finnish Real Estate 9.8%.

Helsinki 14 January 2016

eQ Asset Management Ltd

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