Finnish Cultural Foundation, Jenny and Antti Wihuri Foundation and Emil Aaltonen Foundation have decided to continue the private equity cooperation launched in 2014 with eQ Asset Management Ltd. Under the new agreement, eQ Asset Management will commit 120 million euros of new capital during 2018–2023 into newly established special investment funds. The cooperation also covers reporting and administration of alternative and private equity investments.

”Finnish Cultural Foundation, Jenny and Antti Wihuri Foundation and Emil Aaltonen Foundation are all large Finnish institutional investors. We have built a significant private equity investing platform for all three foundations over the past five years with a comprehensive reporting platform covering all alternative investments. We are delighted that our great cooperation continues under the new agreement. eQ Asset Management has strengthened its private equity investment and administration teams in recent years and we have an outstanding platform to access global private equity markets”, says eQ Asset Management’s Head of Private Equity Staffan Jåfs.

”We have been pleased with the returns of our private equity portfolio and private equity will continue to play a key role in our allocations. When compared with other asset classes, however, private equity and alternative investments require more administrative, monitoring and reporting resources. By focusing investments and portfolio administration to eQ Asset Management we are able to obtain cost efficiency, good reporting and investment services tailored to our needs”, conclude Ralf Sunell from Finnish Cultural Foundation, Arto Mäenmaa from Jenny and Antti Wihuri Foundation and Kari Mustakallio from Emil Aaltonen Foundation.

Helsinki 19 June 2018

eQ Asset Management Ltd

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Staffan Jåfs, Head of Private Equity, eQ Asset Management Ltd, +358 (9) 6817 8736, staffan.jafs(at)eQ.fi