All our asset management solutions can be linked with portfolio bonds. A unit-linked life insurance policy combined with actively managed asset management portfolio offers significant benefits for private individuals.

A portfolio bond is an individual asset management portfolio designed according to the investment needs of the client and linked to a life insurance policy chosen by the client. A portfolio bond offers significant benefits for individual investors with an asset management portfolio in eQ’s management and/ or for individual investors in our real estate funds.

A portfolio bond is a well-known and acknowledged investment instrument by Finnish insurance and tax legislation offering major benefits for investors when compared to a portfolio of investments held in the investor’s own account. Savings within a life insurance policy are taxable only to the degree of investment returns if the policy holder is the insured individual. Tax free withdrawals can be made from the principal amount; assets exceeding the principle amount are regarded as taxable capital income. 

The agreement terminates at the life insurance benefit pay-out upon the death of the policy holder. A portfolio bond also facilitates estate planning as the tax treatment of death benefits is less heavy on beneficiaries.

You will enjoy all the benefits of eQ’s high quality asset management with our individual portfolio bonds, including detailed reporting. Withdrawals from portfolio bonds can be made anytime and you can always top up your investments. A portfolio bond can be terminated anytime, upon which capital gains are taxable on the investment income of the principal amount.

eQ Life Oy acts an agent for the insurance companies represented by eQ Life Oy and is registered the registry of life insurance agents maintained by the Financial Supervisory Authority of Finland.

eQ Life Oy represent the following life insurance companies:

Fennia Life Insurance Company Limited (domicile Finland)

Foyer International S.A. (domicile Luxemburg) 

Lombard International Assurance S.A. (domicile Luxemburg)

LocalTapiola Mutual Life Insurance Company (domicile Finland)

SEB Life International Assurance Company DAC (domicile Ireland)

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Matti Mononen

eQ Life Oy