ESG Report 2019 regarding eQ real estate funds has been published

eQ Asset Management Plc now publishes its ESG Report 2019 on both real estate funds, eQ Care Fund and eQ Finnish Real Estate Fund, for the first time.  We will produce ESG Report for our investors once a year.

In 2019, taking into account and developing sustainability had a major role both in property development and construction and in the management of existing properties and seeing to the needs of the tenants. Examples of key activities in 2019: Participating for the first time in the GRESB (Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark) assessment of sustainable properties, completing three solar power stations in three properties and nine geo-thermal energy systems, reaching to sertify (Breaam In-Use sertifications) at least five properties per fund, joining the TETS programme (energy efficiency agreement of the real estate sector), regular tenant satisfaction survey and integration of ESG recommendations in new leases.

Please kindly read more about the ESG activities and the ESG performance related to the each real estate fund on our web page. (Report available only in Finnish)