Dear Customer,

eQ Fund Management Company Ltd postpones redemption payment date of eQ Commercial Property Fund in accordance with § 8 of the fund's rules. The postponement concerns the redemption orders for the redemption date of December 2023, which total approximately EUR 50 million. Redemptions will be carried out later at a time to be announced separately, at the fund unit value to be calculated at that time. The fund unitholders are not required to take any action due to this.

eQ Community Care Fund will pay the redemptions for 31.12.2023 normally in the early January 2024.

The record-breaking rapid rise in interest rates and inflation have led to an increase in real estate yield requirements, a tightening of the financial environment, and an increase in costs. Due to the aforementioned changes, the real estate transaction market has also been very quiet for several quarters. The postponement of redemptions is primarily due to the prevailing market situation, where there is not much real estate trading due to the tightening of financing. The purpose of the postponement of redemptions is to maintain the fund's operation on a stable basis and to ensure sufficient liquidity and a controlled transition over the current, abnormal market situation. The fund's real estate portfolio is mainly located in Helsinki Capital Region and Tampere. The situation of the real estate portfolio is good and the rents of its properties will rise in January in the majority of lease agreements by about 5 percent.

More information is available from your customer contact person and eQ Customer Service asiakaspalvelu(at)eq.fi; tel. 09-6817 8700.


eQ Fund Management Company Ltd