eQ’s real estate funds ESG reports have been published

eQ Asset Management Ltd. has published the updated ESG reports (available only in Finnish) of real estate funds as of 31 December 2023.

eQ Commercial Properties Fund ESG -report (in Finnish)

eQ Community Properties Fund ESG -report (in Finnish)

eQ has systematically collected property-specific ESG data (energy efficiency, carbon footprint, water and waste) since 2018 and published the first ESG report on real estate investments in 2019. The data is still not completely comprehensive, but its quantity and quality have improved. eQ is now primarily moving to data-based reporting and will continue to develop it in the coming years.

What's new in real estate funds' ESG reports:

1. Monthly consumption data, data coverage and trend development

2. Energy class distribution of the sites

3. Waste recycling rate

4. Key property development projects with which energy efficiency has been improved

5. Taxonomy-alignment property share of the fund

6. PAI indicators and PAI additional indicators

In the future, eQ will report the ESG metrics of real estate funds twice a year.

Sanna Pietiläinen

Sanna Pietiläinen
Director, Responsible Investment
+358 44 906 0885