eQ’s private equity team is very experienced and widely known both in the international and domestic private equity markets. All investment directors in the team are members of numerous investment committees of both foreign and domestic funds. The combined private equity investment experience of the team exceeds 70 years.

Strong client relationships, experience and contacts enable access to the best private equity funds in the market. Manager selection is critical in achieving superior returns. The team searches continuously new investment opportunities and new manners of investing and proactively meets 150 to 200 managers per annum. The most attractive proposals lead to further due diligence and ultimately a handful commitments are made annually. We consider our active approach, constant dialogue with managers and our ability to estimate upcoming investment opportunities central parts of our strategy and proficiency. 

Staffan Jåfs

Staffan Jåfs, Head of Private Equity, M.Sc. Econ

In private equity since 2000

Previous experience: Proventure

Focus areas: Nordics, North America, Asia, Africa, Credit


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Elina Tourunen, Chief Investment Officer, M.Sc. Econ, CFA

In private equity since 2005

Previous experience: European Investment Fund, Etera, E&Y

Focus areas: Norway, Denmark, North America, Credit, Benelux, Germany, Switzerland, CEE


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Peter Borg

Peter Borg, Investment Director, M.Sc. Econ

In private equity since 1995

Previous experience: Mandatum Private Equity Funds, FVCA, Sitra

Focus areas: Benelux, Nordics, France, Germany, Switzerland, Russia/CIS, South America


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Mika Hakola

Mika Hakola, Investment Director, M.Sc. Finance

In private equity since 2011

Previous experience: ICECAPITAL Securities, Access Capital Partners

Focus areas: Secondary transactions


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Tomi Olin

Tomi Olin, Investment Manager, M.Sc. Econ

In private equity since 2012

Previous experience: eQ Asset Management, eQ Bank/Nordnet, Luottokunta

Focus areas: UK, France, Credit


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Teemu Blomqvist

Teemu Blomqvist, Associate, M.Sc. Econ

In private equity since 2018

Previous experience: BlackRock, Evli, Nordea

Focus areas: Fund analysis


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Olli Toivonen

Olli Toivonen, Associate, M.Sc. Econ

In private equity since 2021

Previous experience: EY-Parthenon, Monitor Deloitte

Focus areas: Fund analysis


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