eQ Plc's shares are listed in Nasdaq Helsinki. This section describes eQ Plc as an investment.

eQ aims at creating value for its shareholders through profitable and high quality business areas. The Asset Management segment consists of eQ Plc’s subsidiary, eQ Asset Management Ltd and other group companies engaged in asset management operations. eQ Asset Management has a strong position as a service provider for the most professional investors in Finland. About 64 per cent of 100 largest institutional investors in Finland use eQ Asset Management’s services and eQ has been ranked as No.1 in overall quality by the institutional investors*.
In Corporate Finance segment advisory services are offered by eQ Plc’s subsidiary Advium Corporate Finance Ltd. Advium is one of the most experienced and highly esteemed advisors in Finland. Since its establishment in 2000, Advium has carried out approximately 200 corporate and real estate transactions for a value of about 15 billion euro. *2019 SFR-survey