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eQ Plc is a listed Finnish company specialising in asset management and corporate finance business

Sustainability and responsibility are core values of eQ Plc and integrated deep in the operations of eQ Asset Management Ltd and Advium Ltd, the corporate finance arm of eQ Group. eQ Asset Management has for several years acted as an active forerunner for responsible investment. We have signed the United Nations’ Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI) in 2010. We promote responsible investment at the Finnish Venture Capital Association, Invest Europe and Rakli. In addition, we are an active member of Finsif (Finland's Sustainable Investment Forum) and have signed CDP’s Climate Change programme.

ISS ESG PrimeAs a result of the successful sustainability performance at Group level, eQ Plc was given the international ISS ESG Prime responsibility rating in the autumn of 2019. ISS assesses how responsibility matters are carried out by a company with regard to environmental, social and governance aspects. ISS ESG Prime rating is awarded to companies that reach or exceed the criteria for the best ESG practices defined by ISS ESG. eQ Plc was among the best tenth in its sector regarding responsible operations.

eQ's own sustainability as a company is guided by four themes that we want to promote through the activities we defined. Strong corporate governance and high ethical standards are the foundations of eQ’s business operations. It is important for us that our clients are satisfied and feel that they get professional service. We promote business operations that are environmentally sustainable. In addition, we do our best to make eQ a good working place so that the best professionals want to work with us.

1. Strong corporate governance and high ethical standards are the foundations of our business, covering for instance

  • Adherence to the law and the company's internal instructions, commitments, and ethical principles in all operations
  • eQ’s open and transparent reporting
  • Proactive activities against corruption and bribery as well as money laundering, as well as promoting these activities in the entire sector
  • eQ Plc publishes a Sustainability Report

2. Professional customer service

  • In accordance with our values, we wish to be a professional, honest, skilled and high performing partner for our clients
  • In-depth understanding of customer needs and meeting these needs
  • Monitoring customer satisfaction (SFR study, etc.)

3. Promoting business operations that are environmentally sustainable

  • We only buy green electricity
  • BSAG co-operation, which means that we pay 85% of the management fee of one of our funds to BSAG
  • We have minimised the use of plastic materials, we recycle in our premises and prefer public transports and alternative ways of travelling (environmentally friendly guidelines to eQ's employees
  • We provide relevant training regarding environmental matters for our employees

4. The shared belief that our company is a responsible employer which attracts the best talent available

  • Equal and diverse work community
  • Wellbeing at work and work ability – fitness tests, monitoring the quality of indoor air
  • Early support programme 
  • eQ – enabler of professional development
  • Monitoring job satisfaction

At Group level, the management team is responsible for sustainability, and the work is conducted in close co-operation with eQ’s Director for Responsible Investment Sanna Pietiläinen. The Board receives annual reports on how sustainability has been carried out within the company.

Personel ESG competence

We provide our employees with continuous training in sustainability matters and engage them in developing operations. In our induction programme, we also engage our new employees in eQ’s ways of working and responsible investment.

Sustainability Report

eQ Group regularly publishes its Sustainability Report as part of its Annual Report. In addition, eQ Asset Management provides regular ESG reporting to the clients regarding all the asset classes.

Co-operation with Baltic Sea Action Group

Late 2018, eQ Asset Management and Baltic Sea Action Group (BSAG) launched a cooperation enabling Baltic Sea protection combined with fund investing. Baltic Sea Action Group is an independent, non-profit foundation aiming for the improvement of the state of the Baltic Sea and climate change mitigation. BSAG aims to identify and provide matchmaking support for all relevant actors to protect the Baltic Sea and acts as a catalyst for beneficial cooperation. 

Cartoon fish with briefcaseBSAG and eQ believe in innovative solutions in combating environmental challenges and aim for leadership in protecting our vital environment. The financial model created in cooperation with eQ is an example of such an open-minded initiative – a fund investment simultaneously becomes an investment in a good cause benefiting all. For BSAG, this opens two alternatives for supporters of BSAG - invest or donate.  eQ pays 85% of the management fee of the BSAG share series in the
eQ Blue Planet Fund to BSAG.

Sanna Pietiläinen

Sanna Pietiläinen
Director, responsible investment
+358 44 906 0885