January  February  March 
7 January
"Closed window" period begins

  22 January
Shareholders' proposals to the Board of Directors for matters to be included in the AGM agenda*

6 February
Financial Statements Release 2019

Week 10
Annual Report 2019 becomes public

29 March
"Closed window" period begins

25 March
Annual General Meeting of Shareholders
April May June 
28 April
Interim Report January-March





July  August  September 
12 July
"Closed window" period begins




11 August
Half Year Financial Report

27 September
"Closed window" period begins

October  November  December 
27 October
Interim Report January-September



*Shareholder is entitled to obtain issue to the agenda of the annual general meeting. Requirement to obtain issue to the agenda shall be submitted in written to eQ Plc Board of Directors no later than 22 January 2020 to the address eQ Plc/Law issues, Aleksanterinkatu 19 A, 5th floor 00100 Helsinki Finland, or by email to asiakaspalvelu(at)eQ.fi