Trade times

Please Note: Transactions to eQ Funds are available from Finnish pages

Subscriptiondays: 31.3, 30.6, 30.9, 31.12. Redemptiondays 30.6. ja 31.12.
Subscription notification must be made available and the subscription payment paid to the Fund Management Company on the subscription date or a banking day prior to the subscription day if the subscription day is not a banking day.
Redemption notification must be made available to the Fund Management Company six (6) months prior to the redemption date


Subscription fee 2,0 %
Redemption fee

owned < 1y. 2,0%
owned 1 -3y. 1,0%
owned 3 -5y. 0,5%
owned > 5y. 0,0%

Transfer fee Normal subscription and redemption fee
Management fee Series T 1,95 %
+20 % of the calendar year total return that exceeds 7.0% hurdle rate.

Fund brochures and rules

Please contact asiakaspalvelu(at) for brochures and rules.

eQ Commercial Properties Fund (AIF) is a Special Investment Fund managed actively by the real estate investment team of eQ.  eQ Commercial Properties Fund invests in commercial real estate in Finland. The fund returns are based on rental income from invested properties with typically long leases (5 - 10 years).

Examples of commercial properties considered for investing:

- Retail property
- Offices
- Industrial real estate
- Hotels

The fund suits investors who wish to diversify investments to real estate assets in Finland and appreciates good and stable rental yield.

Real estate investing is by nature long term; hence a minimum investment horizon of five years is recommended. The redemption fee credited to the fund (not to the fund management company) is staggered according to holding period with investments held over five years free from redemption fees.

Our real estate Special Investment Funds are open for subscription quarterly and for redemptions semi-annually.

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Fund Values

Profit %
Change 3 months 0,05 %
Change 6 months 0,42 %
Change YTD 0,05 %
Change 1 year 5,21 %
Annual 3 year profit 6,81 %
Key figures
Max/min 12 months 127,11/120,81
Max/min 3 years 127,11/115,42

Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future returns.