eQ Blue Planet

Trade times

Please Note: Transactions to eQ Funds are available from Finnish pages

Fund units can be redeemed and subscribed on every Finnish banking day.
Subscription notification must be made available and the subscription payment paid to the Fund Management Company by 18.00 on the subscription date.
Redemption notification must be made available to the Fund Management Company by 12.00 on the redemption date.


Subscription fee 1,00 %
Redemption fee 1,00 %, min. 20 €
Transfer fee

50 % of redemption and subscription fee

Management fee Series 1 K 1,50 % Series 1 T 1,50 %

Fund brochures and rules

Please contact asiakaspalvelu(at) for brochures and rules.
eQ Blue Planet is a global sustainable technology equity fund. Technology is key in the battle against climate change. The fund invests in companies whose core strategies are aligned with more efficient use of key resources on our planet. The fund focuses on Intelligent use of data in transportation, industrial activity, built environment and agriculture.

eQ Blue Planet suits environmentally conscious investors who aim to participate in the leading technologies of artificial intelligence, data management and Internet of Things (IoT). Similar to all equity funds, we recommend a long investment horizon. The fund was named eQ CO2 until 8.8.2018 and the fund has operated under current strategy from 30.6.2015.

Fund Values

Profit %
Change 1 month -0,92 %
Change 3 months 8,01 %
Change 6 months -0,69 %
Change YTD 6,55 %
Change 1 year 16,78 %
Annual 3 year profit 14,41 %
Key figures
Max/min 12 months 308,44/209,78
Max/min 3 years 308,44/197,28
Volatility 1 month 15,20
Volatility 1 year 28,54

Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future returns.